Welcome To Neverland Kingdom

logo2A new concept being brought forth for love unity and peace among the Michael Jackson fan base and Community. We hope to bring a little Magic back.

"It's just a serene and tranquil place to just relax and enjoy yourself and leave your troubled mind and things that irritate you in your heart, behind. Once you enter the gates,, you're just in a very wonderful, quiet, loving place.

"It´s just a place to make families, to bring them together, to bring people together through love and playful spirit and nature. It makes families closer, Neverland. It´s healing.

"There are grown-ups who come to Neverland and they say to me: ´You know, I haven´t done the thing I have done here in years... you can let your guard down and be a child again.´ I say: ´That´s what Neverland is for. To return to your innocence. To have fun.´

Michael Jackson

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